Our Services - Design

Residential, Commercial & Natural Areas

Prairies, Meadows, Woodlands, Wetlands, Roadsides & Rooftops

~We design for a variety of ecosystems and difficult growing conditions~

* Outdoor Classrooms * Rain Gardens * Butterfly and Pollinator Gardens * Hugel Kultur * Permaculture * Edible Landscapes * Living Snow Fences * and more techniques!

We Design Gardens that:

  • are drought tolerant & low maintenance
  • consist of plants found historically in the area (indigenous or native to the region) to provide food and habitat for local wildlife
  • are edible ~grow your own fruits, veggies, herbs & teas
  • have seasonal interest
  • increase biodiversity
  • are outdoor classrooms for educational facilities
  • consider the interests of the whole family…pets included
  • create privacy
  • attract migrating song birds, hummingbirds & butterflies
  • will become a vacationing spot in your own backyard
  • inspire your imagination
  • provide shade
  • incorporate water
  • generate natural music